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Who will help you realize your goals? Build your wealth? And keep risks at bay?

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As a team, we’re proudly on top and on task, yet we also like to be informal and easily approachable.
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So you’re invited to an at-ease conversation, at no obligation, when it fits your schedule.

If you’re not quite sure where to start, may we suggest with a few questions? We’ll take it from there.


Financial success takes determination, endurance, strength of character.

Luckily, those traits are the ones that got you to this point. Now you need a trusted advisor. Someone who can help you optimize the performance of your portfolio. Anticipate needs. Meet challenges. Manage risks. And bring you innovative solutions you never would have thought of.

We bring our clients broad-based, customized financial planning based upon the singular goal of building your wealth and ensuring your financial security over the long term.


Now, your decisions are more important than ever.

Time for a close look at that nest egg. So you can consider all your assets: 401K, IRAs, joint accounts, annuities, pensions, Social Security. What’s the wisest distribution plan? Which benefits are portable? Should you take advantage of catch-up contributions? What’s your portfolio doing these days? How can you optimize returns?

We’ll help. With a fresh perspective on where you are and what your best moves are now, when every decision counts more. Because that strategy you started out with 20+ years ago probably doesn’t apply any more.

This isn’t about wealth alone. It’s about lifestyle, commitments, pursuits. This is now. This is when you stop waiting and take control.


Who will advise, coach, educate, and guide you best?

This is a crossroads, and you have an amazing number of directions you can head in. Multiple routes. Compelling opportunities. And you know they’re out there, even if you can’t see them: risks. Obstacles. Hazards. Pitfalls.

What you need now is clarity. Someone objective, independent, a trusted ally. An advisor who can give you full attention. Whose focus is on helping you achieve your lifestyle goals. A manager for all those complexities that can threaten your financial security over the long term.


Time for a comprehensive, coordinated approach to achieving everything you’ve hoped for.

Take the “re” in retirement as your cue. Re-assess. Re-evaluate. Re-apportion. Now is the time to take stock, find fresh strategies for growth. So you can make sure your income stream is stable, consistent, and one you won’t outlive.

Your goal: maintaining long-term, independent income stability and flexibility while you’re achieving the growth to leave a legacy.

What you don’t need now: Surprises. But the landscape is complicated – by volatile financial markets, changing taxation, real estate ups and downs. The needs of your spouse or your children could change. Or you may be exposed to inheritance issues or litigation.

As a retiree, you have Proximity’s utmost attention. We’ll help guide your choices on all the decisions you have to make. Coach you, educate you, show you options.

From Proximity, you get invaluable independent, objective advice. And a strategy for the long term.


Women constitute a rising share of the world’s wealth and wealth management decisions. So why are you so often ignored by wealth-management firms?

At Proximity, your voice will be heard — whether you’re voicing your own concerns or those of you and your spouse or you’re communicating the complexities of meeting life’s challenges solely on your own.

We’re listening, and the primary tenets of how we engage our clients suggest we can and will serve you better. We are committed to refined research, education, transparency, and customized, solution-driven investing.

Our drive is a lot like yours. We concentrate on nothing short of stellar execution.


This is your business. It’s time to realize more of its potential.

Be purposeful and wise in business. That’s your dictum, and it has taken you miles down the road. Your reward: a very, very smart business and wealth management strategy. One that considers your business, with its own drivers, strategies, financial needs. Yet also as a part – a significant part – of your overall personal wealth.

What stage are you and your business in? Building? Evolving? Maturing? Our comprehensive services help you make the wisest choices. We’ll work with you on a plan that can evolve and handle change in the way it should be managed, as opportunity.


Time for a comprehensive, coordinated approach to achieving everything you’ve hoped for.

How can you ensure your wealth is sustained for future generations? What strategies will work best for those you care most about? These questions require not only careful consideration but also sensitivity to a broad range of factors: family dynamics, differing priorities, commitment to the values you have held dear, the preparedness of heirs, their ability to take over.

Our thoughtful advisors can help you clarify goals, create a well-considered strategy, tailor a comprehensive plan that successfully negotiates the complexities of passing wealth from generation to generation.


This is what inspires you.

This is where your goals and your means to achieve them meet.

You have a vision, and we’re honored to work with you, creating a meaningful philanthropic plan that fulfills it. To achieve that, we guide you in selecting the optimum assets and the correct timing for charitable giving that truly reflects your values and intentions.

The relationship between benefactors and charitable organizations is always unique, and we appreciate its importance. We bring you an understanding of the many complex issues that will influence your decisions: long-term financial goals, current income needs, taxation, specialized investment management, and many more.

We are inspired by the opportunity to help you give back.