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Time for a comprehensive, coordinated approach to achieving everything you’ve hoped for.

Take the “re” in retirement as your cue. Re-assess. Re-evaluate. Re-apportion. Now is the time to take stock, find fresh strategies for growth. So you can make sure your income stream is stable, consistent, and one you won’t outlive.

Your goal: maintaining long-term, independent income stability and flexibility while you’re achieving the growth to leave a legacy.

What you don’t need now: Surprises. But the landscape is complicated – by volatile financial markets, changing taxation, real estate ups and downs. The needs of your spouse or your children could change. Or you may be exposed to inheritance issues or litigation.

As a retiree, you have Proximity’s utmost attention. We’ll help guide your choices on all the decisions you have to make. Coach you, educate you, show you options.

From Proximity, you get invaluable independent, objective advice. And a strategy for the long term.

Retirees can benefit from our services in:

Portfolio and asset management

401K rollover

Lump sum distribution

Investment to ensure income stream

Legacy planning and wealth transfer

Business succession



Asset restructuring